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Room for growth

Pressler, Felt & Warshaw provides professional atmosphere. We also offer new employees the opportunity for advancement within our growing community. Our firm has expanded significantly within the past ten years, which has created a number of openings for entry level employees to be promoted into managerial positions. Over ninety percent of our managerial staff began as an entry-level employee with the firm. Not only is this a testament to our ever-increasing retention rate, but also an indication of our firm’s ability to self-sustain. Currently we have over fifty supervisors and managers within our company, and continue to add leadership positions as our caseload and clientele expand.

Here at Pressler, Felt & Warshaw we are constantly observing and evaluating our current employees for promotional advancement within the firm. As with any position for which we hire, there are certain qualities and characteristics that we look for in a potential candidate:

  • Leadership- We look for individuals that command respect from your co-workers, treat them with respect, and show the ability to delegate tasks.

  • Work Ethic- Managers are held to a higher standard at our firm. They lead by example through hard work and superior time management skills.

  • Coaching Skills- One of the most important aspects of our Managerial staff is being able to teach members of their team. Our managers thrive at explaining difficult situations and procedures to employees with little to no experience.